Local Nutrition Pantry ~ One Bite at a Time

The start of One Bite at a Time

One Bite at a Time owner and nutritionist, Amy Carruthers, moved to Ararat four years ago and was surprised at the lack of easy access to health products and specialty foods in the area, with many locals needing to travel or shop online to meet their dietary requirements, such as gluten free, dairy free and paleo. 

As a lover of local produce, the delicious research began into the amazing products grown in the area, from oats and grains in Marnoo, to chickpeas and olives of Grampians, and the most delicious honey, and how to make these more readily available.  Thus One Bite at a Time was born.

It is our firm belief that the people of Ararat deserve the right to be able to purchase their nutrition and health products in town, and have the ability to cook, create and eat as they require.

Amy's food and nutrition exploration journey

From a young age I was taught to cook for the family, this began a life long exploration into the many facets of food. Studying food technology, and how food can be manipulated in school, to working in fast food, then as an apprentice chef before moving on to management in a well known supermarket. 

I’ve witnessed how food is more than what you put in your mouth. It’s social, it’s tradition, it’s marketing, it’s trendy, food evokes feelings. 

What amazed me was how some people could eat ‘junk’ and never put on weight, while others couldn’t eat certain foods because it created illness. 

Wanting to know more, to not only help my own personal health but also be able to help others feel energy and vigour became a new priority. 

Studying nutritional medicine at the Australian Institute of Applied Science I learnt about the physiology of the body, how disease progresses, and how natural and dietary interventions can not only assist with these conditions, but give life and energy back to those who haven’t felt great in years.

Amy puts her Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, from the Australian Institute of Applied Science, to good use helping customers.

Amy's Certificate in Small Business from RMIT puts her in good stead for managing One Bite at a Time.


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