Nutritional consultations at One Bite at a Time

Our consultations are designed to suit your health needs.  They provide insight and knowledge into your symptoms and provide easy dietary and natural interventions, to assist in getting back to health. 

Consultations are perfect for those wanting a natural alternative to get back to health.  They’re also great for those looking to optimise their health and wellbeing, and conquer any small habits holding them back.

Nutritional consultations

Initial consultation  $95  |  60 - 90 minutes

During this first consultation we will dive deeply into your health and health history. This wholistic body approach helps us to identify and understand the development of symptoms and health issues you may have. We discuss bodily functions (yes if it comes out, we want to know), lifestyle routines unique to you, as well as your personal preferences.

Follow up consultation  $55  |  30 - 40 minutes

At this consultation, we deliver a detailed health plan specific to your needs. It is also a great time to fine tune, ask questions and discover what suits you best.

(Any supplements or products recommended are not included in the price.)

Nutritional questions?

Discovery Session  $30  |  15 minutes

This is a pre-booked session to discuss a nutritional topic of your choice, whether a particular disease of allergy, of dietary lifestyle such as vegan, paleo, or dairy free. This is not tailored for the individual, rather a broad information session with a nutritional medicine approach.

Amy puts her Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, from the Australian Institute of Applied Science, to good use helping customers.


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