Ultana Phytoplankton Powder 30g




ULTANA Phytoplankton and its unique Immunity Supporting composition ULTANA Phytoplankton is a potent source of vegan nutrition. Combining 3 strains of microalgae, it offers a complex mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omegas. With its microscopic size cell, phytoplankton is highly bioavailable, meaning you can feel the results within about 20 minutes of taking it. Its unique composition and its size make these microscopic algae able to nourish and boost energy production on a cellular level. This potent combination of nutrients, directly or indirectly support the following: - Healthy Immune System - Fight inflammation and infections - Reduce Anxiety Keeping you fit and healthy! 


Whole food plant based alternative to fish/krill oil

Claimable serve of Omega-3 EPA long chain fatty acid

Wholefood alternative to synethesised multi-vitamins

Sustainable and pure, not wild harvested

Plant-based source of B12

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